justlistenandlove1d: Awww yay! Thank you very much! That’s so sweet of you. :D xxx

tina-justme: To be honest, I think it’s rude of you to just demand me to make you a gif for your own. I remember you asking about it before, but I said that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to but I will try my best. Just saying.

harry-niall-liam-louis-zayn: Click here :)

anon1: Pascale…umm I don’t even know how to begin this. Let’s just say her name sounds like a fish and everything she writes on twitter is the beginning of new drama.

1dpartybus: What do you mean by stuff lol?

promisetorememberme: I just wish that all Chronically Crazy Canadian 1D fans live in one area so we’re not all scattered.

anon2: The single will be first heard on Wednesday but on September is when you can buy the single. :) And no, sadly. Only in the UK.

anon3: I’ve lost the link, as mentioned in the tags. Sorry :S But it’s from the Alan Carr Studios.

joekyle: yes.