gonna be in Orlando for a week! peace xx 

had such a wild adventure for the past 2 days just for the boys. walked for 14 hours straight for 2 days around vancity downtown. met so many lovely fans. went hotel hopping until we finally found their hotel. sneaked in with a pizza delivery guy while the boys were away shooting a commercial. met such a nice mexican family who let us in. chilled in the pool until midnight, hoping the boys would finally arrive. took a towel from the hotel instead as a souvenir. ended up finding out they stayed up all night partying around the city when my friend had a fanfiction moment, aka luckily-bumping-into-interaction-only, with harry styles. fml. i was supposed to be with her. next day, we went to the arena to wait for the boys. so crowded. people ran faceplanted, bleeded, got scratched, and shit. scary. i then figured 5sos was staying at my friend’s hotel. we were on our way to their hotel to meet them but then got a text saying 1d’s arriving to the arena. came back to the arena and saw the boys, lou, paul, calum, and the boys’ band members, dan and sandy. had a blast at the concert. cried at the second song because it was all so surreal. decided in the last minute to throw my headscarf with my mom’s perfume, which i stole, at the second stage but it landed just before the stage and behind the security. now i want it back. im sorry now im just rambling because fjsl;ksa;las;klkdsakd

Niall at Rogers Arena in Vancouver - 7.27.13

this is ever so heartbreaking. waking up to reality so devastating. just found out cory’s passing. in my city that im living, him alone in a fucking hotel room dying. i feel partly responsible for this so im sending all my blessings. stay strong. 

@marksidaway: @Harry_Styles Found the forms from when we put the band together. Gonna recast with me and @radioleary in the group


Harry & Lux in Barcelona | 21.05 +