my best friend’s 11-year-old younger sister doesn’t know how to spell “vagina” so she spells it VCHINA in their text messages omfg

YOYOoo follow my GUILTY PLEASURE (anime, kpop shit)



Sorry that I have been gone for such a long time, but GUYS YOYOOYOO I JUST MET GRUMPY CAT. THE MEME IS REAL. IT LIVES OMG.

Plus, today, I took her order at McDonald’s while I was working! Much starstruck right now omg


We were talking about anime and I don’t know where this conversation was going. My friendship is beautiful.

gonna be in Orlando for a week! peace xx 

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my friend’s boyfriend just took a selfie with nick jonas in a fancy restaurant’s washroom the other day omg i cant

my teacher just smacked me in the head and hit it again three other times with a thickass binder. all because i was being a smartass. i believe this has been the most liberating thing he has ever felt.

a man with tattoo sleeves who looks like he owns a gym just freely walked into the women’s washroom today at the mall LOLOL funniest thing that’s happened so far this year! then this lady who walks in behind him eyed me strangely like wtf and i didnt get her for a moment cos I FORGOT THAT I WAS IN THE WOMEN’S WASHROOM AND SO DID HE OMG it took me a second to understand her when the man came out ten seconds later, extremely embarrassed, laughing it out, apologizing and he explained, “I WAS JUST IN THE ZONEEEEE! I’M SO SORRY. THE ZONE, MAN.”