Title: The 1975 Call Or Delete
Artist: BBC Radio 1 w/ Nick Grimmer
Played: 432523 times

The 1975 Call or Delete on BBC Radio 1

@grimmersThank you to One Direction for this gift on my desk. So sweet.

"Listen to what she listens to… [x]”

I called a few famous people that I wanted to work with who I admire, but I simply can’t stand. So I called them and said let’s do this over video call rather than face-to-face, ‘cause I love them, but I hate them as well.

Title: Should We Dedicate That To Taylor Swift This Morning?
Artist: BBC Radio 1
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Should we dedicate that to Taylor Swift this morning? - [giggles] - No comment. (Finchy feat. Grimmy & Fiona on Rihanna’s “Stay”)

nick failing to prank harry for call or delete